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The Australian Childhood Foundation works to save children from the trauma of child abuse, neglect and family violence in these ways:

Our trauma teams help children families, carers and support professionals throughout Australia, including remote and regional areas. Their collaboration with a network of adults and organisations focuses on creating an environment dedicated to the recovery and healing of children traumatised by abuse, neglect and family violence.

Help us to reclaim children’s most important possession: their childhood.

Your donation will help us to ensure we can continue to support abused children to heal.

Why We Exist

Abuse costs the community up to $30 billion dollars a year.

The Impact of abuse is life-long and affects us all.
Traumatised children suffer throughout their lives, long after the abuse itself has stopped.
Abuse and neglect impacts the brains of young children, shaping their behaviour and reactions to the
world around them , leaving them ill-equipped to manage the demands of adulthood .
Without specialist help and protection, the experience of abuse can become the starting point for a lifetime of struggle, confusion, conflict and breakdown. It can lead to depression, drug and alcohol addiction, violence, crime,mental illness and youth and adult suicide.

The experience of child abuse and family violence rocks the very core of children.
It undermines their self confidence and eats away at their self esteem.
It makes them feel worthless and unlovable.

Heart Felt a collection of children’s experiences and stories of abuse, recovery and hope

The experience of child abuse and family violence rocks the very core of children.
The abuse itself is often accompanied with messages that reinforce children’s vulnerability. They are often told that the abuse is their fault. They are told that they are to blame for the family’s problems.
Many children are threatened if they tell anyone about their abuse. Others are repeatedly told that
they will not be believed if they tell. As a result many children never disclose to anyone about
the abuse they are experiencing. They remain frightened, alone and unprotected.
Abused children frequently do not have their feelings acknowledged. They are told that they are
not feeling frightened when they really are. They are told to look happy when on the inside they are
feeling worried and anxious. They are told to lie about what is going at home. They can feel ignored.
Their confusion about the violence is never clarified. It is not surprising then that children who have
experienced abuse stop feeling. They do not trust their feelings. The strength of their fear, shame and
sadness can overwhelm them. Indeed, they live in a constant state of alarm, waiting for the next time
they will be hurt or rejected. Survival becomes uppermost in their minds. The effects of abuse and family violence can be so encompassing that children’s development slows down. They often experience problems with learning new things, coping with new people or new situations. In fact, anything new is often perceived as a threat to them. This is why children affected by abuse and family violence can have problems at school. This is why they can have trouble with friends. This is why often they cannot feel settled anywhere. Abuse and family violence traumatises children. It changes the ways they understand their world, the people in it and where they belong. They develop distorted rules about relationships – ones that are built on mistrust, fear and betrayal. They feel out of place in their family and with their friends. They feel separate and alone. The memories of abuse are pronounced and ever present. Small reminders may cause them to relive their fear and confusion. The world itself, is experienced as dangerous for abused children – a place without haven or safety.

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The Australian Childhood Foundation is fortunate to have the support of high profile individuals who are all deeply passionate about the safety of children and their right to a childhood free from the devastation of abuse, neglect and family violence.

We rely on our valued patrons and ambassadors to draw attention to one of Australia’s most critical social problems, and we are deeply grateful for their tireless commitment to helping us to promote respect, safety and love for all children. We hope you will join them and us.

  • Chris Hemsworth – Our Patron

  • To many, he is known for his roles in movies such as Thor, The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman and Red Dawn, but to us at the Australian Childhood Foundation, Chris Hemsworth’s most appreciated role is that of committed and proud patron.
  • Liam Hemsworth

  • With movies such as romantic drama The Last Song, the smash hit The Hunger Games and the action extravaganza The Expendables 2 under his belt, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth is tasting the kind of success other actors only dream about.
  • Eric And Rebecca Bana + many more …