Graffiti symptom of our decline?

OUR SAY – Nambour News, Thursday May 12, 2016

Nambour Paper Article - Graffiti

Parenting ???

Last week i spoke with a gentleman cleaning yet another area with graffiti.
As a parent myself and a previous volunteer and teacher-aide of Education Qld, you get to hear many stories of the community complaining about the youth of today.

I shared a story with him about a student calling me a b–ch in class, this remark was made after I gave the student an instruction. The HOY ( Head of Year) was at wits end as what to do as the student had already been suspended several times and this process had no impact on the change of his behaviour. I asked what the parent had said when told of the incident, she quoted his words, “what’s the problem, that’s how we talk at home”.

Our children grow up learning from us as parents, along with those we associate with, those who are role models such as sporting stars, politicians, religious leaders etc.

I believe our role as a parent ends the day we die. As a society we are suppose to protect the young, the elderly and the disabled? I ask you this question today, do you think we are?
My answer is no, based on domestic violence and family violence climbing, more homelessness, more suicides, more mental illnesses, more obesity and more people seeking help from services because they can no longer cope with day-to-day living.

Since 2013 when i launched & funded a free service 1800MUMMYS, I have been trying to liaise with local, state & federal politicians with the above concerns and coming at it with a pro-active approach. To date I have been commended for my services and given a lot of empty promises. Then I realised I was going to the wrong people.

My question to you, the community of the Sunshine Coast, is do you want to be involved in making a difference? If so, please send an email to and I will send you details about the Personal Best Parenting program. We are writing the next booklet and we would love your input.

Please feel free to go to and check out all the good works and support we have provided already to you the community.

Valerie Carter – Nambour