Medic Alert – Bracelet or Necklace, do you know what to do?

MedicAlert foundation

Peace of mind knowing you’re protected with MedicAlert membership

Phone: 1300301476  – sorry not hyperlinked yet!!

If you see someone collapsed:-

(1) LOOK for one of these pictured below, a bracelet or a necklace.

(2) By doing so, you could very well be saving their life. Most have info regarding allergies and medical conditions such as the ones we all know like type 1 diabetics, epilepsy BUT i have a condition called CCR Catatonic Conversion Reaction. Other’s may have Conversion Disorder or Mental Illness

My condition is not common and very few are aware of how to care for and treat me, surprisingly those people are mostly doctors and health professionals. Many times i have  been misdiagnosed with being drunk or seeking attention, sadly the last thing i want is anyone touching me or creating a scene and i am also allergic to alcoholic drinks, swabs etc. Only recently i was treated very badly by a triage doctor who assumed i was drunk or faking the episode. He failed to look at my bracelet along with several others, one doctor was even holding the hand it was on???

These people are incredible in what they have to deal with everyday, especially on previous occasions when i have arrived either in an ambulance or collapsing in their waiting room/s. However very few are not trained in first aide procedures such as DRSABCD, Mental Health first aide AGLEE or NON Violent Intervention, are YOU? Perhaps you may not see the need, but if you work with the public i strongly suggest you start thinking about it. Talk to you bosses, it could save a life, maybe even your own!

I [Valerie Carter] have been trained in all of the above, prior to being diagnosed with my condition in 2012. Do yourself and your family a favour, get trained, because the next person you save could be a member of your family.

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