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(1) Read through the info below to see if its something you are interested in. Remember we focus only on YOUR Personal Best!

(2) Go to the contact page and email your contact details or simply text them to 0427485970 – eg: Interested PBP – name & mobile

(3) We will contact you within a week of receiving you email or text

(4) Once we have a min of 6 people we will contact you all to arrange a time that suits that group.

(5) Our only possible cost will be for the cost (if any) of a venue, materials, catering etc. [this program is funded by parents]

We at 1800MUMMYS are compiling these handbooks from researching other services and already existing programs. We hope by sharing our personal and professional experiences, along with input from parents of many backgrounds you will find it beneficial. The type of discipline you use can have a dramatic effect on your child’s development. Your discipline strategies can have a big impact on the type of relationship you have with your child. The various approaches to discipline can even influence a child’s mood and temperament into childhood. The 4 major recognized parenting styles we have looked at are, authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and uninvolved.

[Comments and Quotes from members of 1800MUMMYS and The ARK women groups]

  • Parent/s or carers do the best they can with the information, knowledge, religious beliefs and finances they have.
  • Until we become parents we will not be able to understand or experience the emotional pitfalls and overwhelming joys of raising a child.
  • This program is not about judgement, blame or labels
  • Our only aim is to bring the Personal Best out in all those who participate.
  • We focus on your strengths and support you in areas that you wish to strengthen.
  • There are 4 Levels which can be completed as your child grows from 0 to 18 years.
  • You and your child will learn and grow together with support readily available.
  • This program starts in small groups and is driven by one person – YOU!

There are so many parenting programs and books out there flooding the market. The primary one, Triple P being used in our schools. Some parents i have spoken to, especially those rebuilding their lives after escaping Domestic Violence have found this program has not been helpful and at times made things worse.

As a parent you can become very overwhelmed at everyone telling you whats that best way to parent. Over the years I have attended many parenting groups offered by schools and churches. I wasn’t much of a reader however i did personally like Dr Christopher Green “Toddler Taming’. This was my introduction to time out, at first i loved this concept as an alternative to smacking as i had grown up in a rather authoritative household. My children are now parents themselves and its wonderful to see that they strive to do their best just as i did. As for new parents i have seen the fear on their faces when they make comments such as, “nothing can ever prepare you for this”. “where is the off button”, “will i ever sleep again”. PBP is written by parents for parents, you have nothing to loose…

Below is book i read and found very helpful while compiling these handbooks.

‘Perfect Parents Perfect Children’ pg8 paragraph 2, The philosophy of this book; and this perspective on parenting is very simple. Human beings are born perfect – each newborn is an organism capable of limitless love; joy and light. Just like plants needing sun and water; human beings need love to grow and develop. There is nothing to “control” and nothing to “tame”. If parents can consistently love; honour; esteem; nurture and support their children those children will inevitably flourish and realize the amazing gifts inherent in their beings. Parenting can consistently be as magical and wondrous as it was at the moment of birth; and parents can truly raise children who will be secure and happy; and those children can; quite literally; change the world.


Please Note:  – Tim Wilson (Director Child Family & Community Services Design & Commissioning Dept of Communities Child Safety & Disability Services), Dr Bob Jacobs (Founder & Director of The Parenting Centre ), Dr Wayne Troyhan (Principal of Nambour State College), Christina Martin (Centre Director of Goodstart Early Learning Nambour), Robyn Wyatt (Nurse Unit Manager / Child Youth & Family Health Services / Women & Families Service Group / Noosa Community Health Centre and SSC Hospital & Health Service), Rosie Batty (2015 Australian of the Year), Sunny Kids (Helping Familes & Kids Shine), SCOPE (Domestic & Family Violence Prevention Services), Relationships Australia ‘Maroochydore’ (Relationship Support Services) have been contacted and provided information about the PBP (Personal Best Pprogram.

1800MUMMYS only aim is to bring the Personal Best out in all of those who participate.

Extracts from Level One Handbook, email your suggests and thoughts…..


  • Respect & Responsibility 
  • Safety & Stability 
  • Acceptance & Accountability

Participants will continue to grow and learn just as their child does.

  • Level 1 Relationship & Change, prior to baby being born or adopted 0 to 2 yrs
  • Level 2 Understanding the Childs World, toddler to school 2 to 5 yrs
  • Level 3 Understanding Child Development & Oppositional Behaviour, Prep to Primary School 5 to 11yrs
  • Level 4 Understanding their Independence & Choices, High School 12 to18yrs

 At the first workshop each parent will receive the level 1 handbook plus a copy of Dr Bob Jacobs “Perfect Parents & Perfect Children” book, each workshop will consist of no more than 8-10 parents at a time. As this program is independently funded and receives no government assistance, a cost of $20 is required at the first workshop.

Venue and times will be decided once the program has registered participants.  

Topics are listed above with parenting workshops based on information, resources and materials providing from existing services such as “The Parenting Centre”, “Relationships Australia”, “Daniel Morcombe Foundation”, “Australian Childhood Foundation”, Beyondblue”, “Luke Batty Foundation” and “SCOPE” (Suncoast Cooloola Outreach Prevention and Education)

 Values & Beliefs

Changing the World by Celebrating Our Perfection – Dr Bob Jacobs – The Parenting Centre
Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up  “Thomas A Edison”
The value of ones life is not defined by how much they own . A person’s belief is just that – their belief “Quoted by Valerie J Carter – 1800MUMMYS”

 Vision Statement

To support parents, to help you be the best parent and individual you can be for yourself and your child/ren, by providing easy to use, accessible resources, support and strategies.
 To network with existing services in your local community for the benefit of each community.

 Mission Statement

 Families are the Foundation of our FUTURE
A child needs to feel SAFE; LOVED and NUTURED to prosper and grow 

Rosie Batty has stated that domestic & family violence is now an epidemic and believes it starts with DISrespect. Rosie also has stated, the issue needs to be the responsibility of the ENTIRE community. As they say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. 

We at 1800MUMMYS agree and believes this program will play a vital part in the health and well being of the family unit. Our members come from all walks of life and yet we all have one thing in common, “protect our children”.

Long term, our aim is to petition the government to reward the parents for each level they complete. Such as a bonus to assist with expenses regarding the child/ren and their personal growth either in education or sports.

If you would like to be involved please contact Valerie directly on 0427485970 or